Ramon van Merkenstein Trio

The Ramon van Merkenstein Trio conveys their love for performing jazz music and adores connecting with their audience. These are jazz players who can make their music dance deviously or swell like ocean waves. The Ramon van Merkenstein Trio takes command of their music and they take it on a journey. Adventurous, with creative freedom and beyond what’s comfortable.

The trio’s debut album ‘Quiet Dreams’ was release October 2021 on the label

Ramon van Merkenstein – double bass, Lieven Venken – drums, Gabriele di Franco – guitar

The van Merkenstein & di Franco Duo is presenting a mix of original compositions and innovative arrangements of jazz and popular music. This double bass and guitar duo embraces both traditional and modernistic styles.

Ramon van Merkenstein – double bass, Gabriele di Franco – electric guitar


ARCHIPELAGOS is a band inspired by Francesca Remigi’s personal research on Zygmunt Bauman’s thoughts on the decadence of the current society. The main purpose is to represent some of his principals through music: the mathematical and rhythmic rigor of the compositions (which symbolizes a highly organized society that oppresses individuals) is contrasted with moments of radical free improvisation (individuals rising up against pre-established social schemes).

This music tries to communicate a positive message of solidarity and hope in mankind, where music inspires people to stick together and to feel as if they belong to a common ARCHIPELAGOS.

Claire Parsons – vocals and effects, Federico Calcagno – bass clarinet, Simon Groppe – piano, Ramon van Merkenstein – double bass, Francesca Remigi – drums and compositions

Songs between two lands is a wide collection of travel notes. Behind these notes, there are stories of people and places deeply connected, but separated by distance. Songs between two Lands is like a bridge between Africa and South America. These lands, geographically far from each other but extremely connected, are reflected in original compositions and some of the finest popular songs.

Matteo Di Leonardo – guitar, Flavio Spampinato – vocals, Pierre Antoine Savoyat – flugehorn, Willem Suilen – piano, Ramon van Merkenstein – double bass, Pierre Hurty – drums


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Soul’s Spring – La fonte dell’Anima – is a modern jazz project led by Italian drummer Francesca Remigi. Music is considered as the main source (Spring) of our creativity and identity (Soul): it’s our own voice to touch people and reach them with the essence of who we are as thoughtful beings. It is spread through some original compositions inspired to the nowadays modern jazz scene, above all diving into the complex rhythmic experimentation.

Giovanni di Carlo – guitar, Flavio Spampinato – vocals, Simon Groppe – piano, Ramon van Merkenstein – double bass, Francesca Remigi – drums

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Holly Blue is a modern jazz band based in Brussels. The band was founded in the spring of 2018 by Dutch singer Renée Steenvoorden. The band plays mainly original compositions in a modern jazz style with influences of pop and folk music. In addition they also play jazz standards in a more traditional way.

Inspired by today’s society, the beautiful nature and traditional folk music from Ireland and Scotland, you’ll hear a unique sound: melodic, catchy, surprising chords, twists and rhythms played by jazz musicians of today.

Renée Steenvoorden – vocals, Yu-Ting Li – piano, Ramon van Merkenstein – double bass, Francesca Remigi – drums


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