Ramon van Merkenstein Trio

'Beautiful music, played with love and intention, by a well rehearsed trio’
Petros Klampanis
Bass player & composer
'The first album by Ramon van Merkenstein is a jewel... his compositions are superb'
Jean-Claude Vantroyen
Le Soir Newspaper

The Ramon van Merkenstein Trio expresses their love for performing modern jazz music and adores connecting with their audience.

Ramon van Merkenstein is the Dutch double bass player who instigates and composes for this Brussels-based jazz project. Grooving bass lines are combined with melodic storytelling. Lyrical melodies and modern sounds are integrated in a unique rhythmical universe. The interaction between the group members is surprising and full of adventure and creative freedom.

The band’s first album ‘Quiet Dreams’ was released in October 2021 on the label ‘’.


Ramon van Merkenstein – double bass & compositions
Gabriele di Franco – guitar & effects
Lieven Venken – drums

Live tracks

November Song

Live @ Theatre Marni, 2022

Midnight Madness

Live @ JazzZolder, 2022

Passing On

Live @ Headroom Venue, 2020